Surrender to desire with pure authenticity is equal to the creation of art.  Without it our emotional force withers and paves the way to mediocrity.  Art captures the essence of truth.  Art captures us...  Naera Kim

about the founder

Naera Kim is a NYC-based independent coordinator, advisor and curator. With a strong eye for 20th century contemporary and emerging art, Naera's curation of shows in well-known venues, such as One Art Space and Salomon Arts Gallery in New York City, has established her as a sought-after, respected presence among artists and collectors. In addition to organizing group shows and private viewings for her own company Naeraarts, she has been hired by other brands to curate specific exhibitions within their auspices. She has worked with such notable artists as Rubin and Robert Whitman. 

Naera inherited her love of art from her father, Kyong On Kim, a famous political satirist and cartoonist, who was active in Korea from the 1950s to the late 1970s; his work is part of the permanent collection of the Seoul Cartoon Museum in Korea.  Growing up in an artistic household, Naera inherited an emotional understanding of artists process of curation, as well as a continuing passion for the outstanding narratives and aesthetics of art.

Naera is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, where she studied with the renowned artist Ron English.